Stress Free Living During Exam Season

Exam season may well be the most difficult time of year to monitor what you eat and how you behave, but it is also the most crucial. It’s an annual ritual that causes panic and anxiety for students, and parents too. In our society, exams are a mark of success and the burden lies on the student to pass them all with flying colours – or else.

Midnight hunger or skipping meals altogether is increasingly becoming common with teenagers during examination season, and worse, the pressing need to wake up at night and eat whatever lies in the kitchen is an acute health risk as well, leave alone at such a crucial time of the year.

Following are some useful tips on how you or your child can beat the typical devils of stress during exam month around the corner:

1. Start Studying well before the Exam

You can almost never hit the ground running with your syllabus for any major exam. So make sure your schedule provides for sufficient time to pore through the portions – both front to back – as well as providing for enough revision time. As any good test-taker will tell you, the revisions are more important than the first time study. Similarly, attempt to memorize important concepts or formulae by writing them down instead of merely reading them. Again, writing is several times more effective than reading through it all just the one time.

2. Designate a Study Buddy

A classmate who is an expert in the subject you have trouble in works, as you can approach him or her with any questions you have in mind. In most cases, this helps the other person as well, negating any sense of complacency and providing a silent revision tactic for all concerned.

3. Be Creative

While taking notes as mentioned above, attempt to use as many diagrams, graphs, figures and illustrations as possible. Not only does a figurative picture tell the reader a thousand words, but it also helps you make several crisp revisions at the last moment!

4. Plan Well

Remember, this is fighting half the battle in itself. You’ll be much more at ease attacking the syllabus with a clear mental roadmap rather than in a haphazard manner where you would inevitable lurch from one crisis to another, your morale sinking in the process. Prepare a solid content page for starters, alongside a strategy to dive into the content however suitable to your style.

5. Get Plenty of Sleep

Clocking up on sleep is often as important as the exam itself. It’s way more stressful to memorize lots of information or comprehend complicated concepts with less than six hours of sleep, so ensure that you far outstrip that amount every night during exam month, not the least the nights before the actual exams themselves.

6. Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise like running, jogging or skipping for 15-20 minutes everyday will make you feel stress free and mentally fit. Ideally during the month to come, aim to wake up at an early hour to do some yoga, which will really set you up for some intense study in the day up ahead. Simple yoga exercises abound online, and you can always substitute them with similar exercises in the same vein if you’re unfamiliar with the art.

7. Have a Hearty Breakfast

It’s not for nothing that it’s labelled the most important meal of the day. Never compromise on its content and quantity, and make sure you get the right amounts of fruits, vegetables, vitamins and nutrients to power up your day and keep you well fed and energetic throughout. Avoid snacks or fast-food during this meal; only a full, wholesome plate or bowl of the good old stuff will do!

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Best of luck to all the exam takers this summer!


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